Resuscitation Training Monitor

Proper education and training of resuscitators is critical in enabling them to resuscitate effectively.

The ResusRight Resuscitation Training Monitor (RTM) provides quantitative feedback to the user on their resuscitation technique, allowing them to adjust, optimize and improve in real-time.

The RTM is small, lightweight and portable - sitting in-between the resuscitation device and training manikin. It gives the user an immediate and easy to interpret visualisation of their resuscitation technique without having to move their gaze away from the manikin. The RTM shows how much breath volume they are delivering with each inflation and alerting them to the presence of any face mask leak.

This allows them to deliver the optimal volume for the size of the newborn. This feedback gives the resuscitator confidence in their own technique by providing certainty about the optimal facemask positioning and inflation size. Manikin trials of basic respiratory function monitors have demonstrated that improvements in technique persist even when the monitor is subsequently removed.

The RTM also aims to improve the process of teaching and certifying clinicians in manual ventilation by providing educators with a quantitative measure of the resuscitators technique.

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