Design & Development

We are working to design and develop technologies for better outcomes in newborn resuscitation. Our first product is the ResusRight Resuscitation Training Monitor.

Proper education and training of clinicians is critical to enable them to resuscitate effectively when the time comes. The ResusRight RTM provides quantitative feedback to resuscitators on their technique during training, allowing them to adjust, optimize and improve in real time, better equipping them for when it really matters.

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Our team is one of very few globally that specializes in research around neonatal intensive care - deeply examining areas of resuscitation, physiological monitoring, midwifery and more.

We have carefully inspected and tested resuscitation devices, from those as simple as the self-inflating bag and mask to the t-piece resuscitator, as well as more complex ventilators, testing their claimed efficacy and safety.

This research has resulted in state wide safety notices, and ultimately the design and development of the ResusRight Resuscitation Training Monitor.

Publications: Dr Mark Tracy    Dr Murray Hinder

Affiliations: Neonatal Equipment And Respiration (NEAR) Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden


Resuscitation of newborns is critically important, and thus it is essential that those providing the resuscitation are trained and educated to an incredibly high standard. The most commonly used devices in resuscitation provide little to no quantitative feedback as the quality of the resuscitation, whether in the delivery suite or in a simulation training. We are working to improve the standard of newborn resuscitation training and education through both informing best practice through publishing of high quality and informative research, as well as the design and development of cutting edge resuscitation monitoring technology.

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